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Infrastructure – Equipment

The Health Informatics Laboratory was established in 1996 (PD 270, Gov. 195/24-8-1996) and belongs to the Public Health. Housed in the building of the Department of Nursing on the road Papadiamantopoulou 123 in Goudi (ground floor) in a special place of 106 sq.m.

The premises of the laboratory include 3 classrooms and 1 office.

The halls contain 45 high technology computers and used for laboratory courses for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

During the free hours of courses they are used by undergraduate and post graduate students of the Department for work and research.

In the first main hall is contained a special room in which there are 5 workstations for students and researchers and there is also a Server Room suitably insulated in which the servers are supporting laboratories. Total current 7 Server operating in 4 computers. In addition there is a projector and three internet printers.

The supply of electronic equipment (PC, printers, etc.) has come from successful award of the second and third Community Support Framework of the NSRF and the region of Attica.

The Nursing Department as well as the laboratory Health Informatics are connected to the network "Athena" of the University of Athens.