The Health Informatics Laboratory, Faculty of Nursing of University of Athens was founded officially in 1993 while its scientific activity started back in 1988.

The main objectives of the laboratory are both to support the educational needs  and to serve the research needs in the fields of Health Informatics and its applications.

As for educational activity concerns, both undergraduate and postgraduate workshop courses of Informatics take place in the laboratory. Not only the continuous improvement in university education but also skills acquisition in information offer future nurses a powerful tool to cope in the best possible way with the ever growing needs of their business space.

Regarding research activities, the laboratory participates in a large number of research projects both in Greek and European level with major programs funded by the European Union. Promoting Computer Science in Healthcare and extraction of valuable conclusions that are published in scientific journals and conferences are the ultimate goals of the research laboratory.

It is worth mentioning that the laboratory is a member of the International Association for Medical Informatics and the postgraduate programme with a specialization in Health Informatics was the first postgraduate program of the Nursing Department.

Professor John Mantas is the Director of the department from its inception until today.