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  • Introduction to Computers and Data Processing

The course Introduction to Computers and Data Processing is taught in the first semester and introduces the basic notion of Informatics, Computer Science and Information Science. The students acquire knowledge and experience in using Computer Systems by learning operating systems, application and programming computer tools from a user-oriented point of view.

  • Health Informatics

The course Health Informatics is taught in the second semester and offers a broad coverage of the multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary area of Health Informatics. Applications of the hospital Information Systems, Nursing Systems, Biostatistical Analysis Tools, Expert and Diagnostic System as well as Computer Imaging, Bio-medical Signal Processing and of Multimedia Education Systems are introduces both the lectures and the laboratory classes. 

  • Biomedical Informatics

The course Biomedical Informatics and Technology is taught in the third semester and is designed to meet the practitioner the latest developments in modern information technology , telecommunications and engineering related to methods and apparatus for diagnosis and treatment in the field of health . The student will understand the operating principles of biomedical devices and systems , the importance of calibration and quality control and safety devices that should be taken for the same and the  patient . Also , the student will learn the latest developments in the field of information analysis of the human genome using bio- informatics.

  • Hospital Information System

Health Informatics is taught in the fourth semester and aims at the process of collection and data processing for the exctraction of information dealing mainly with data of hospitalized patients. The HIS course studies the methodology of designing systems, the software development, the application of information systems and the way of assesing them. Special emphasis will be given to the clinical and the administrative subsystems of the Hospital Information Systems. Existings HIS will be demonstrated. Development of an HIS sample will be performed using a data base development system.